How Big a Nuisance WhatsApp Has Become for Children – Not a Track My Fone Review

Okay, this is article is not anything like a Track My Fone Review! We are not going to talk about what Track My Fone can and cannot do. Instead, I want to talk about why WhatsApp has become a nuisance for kids. They keep their heads buried in their smartphone almost 80% of the day. The 20% of the time, they are at school in lectures. After that, they are constantly typing away. I get it! Socializing is no longer about meeting real people nowadays. However, there is the need to pull some strings and control virtual socialization. It’s starting to destroy the personality of children in the coming generations!

Gone Are the Days When We Met Face-to-Face

Meeting people in person, playing games, asking interactive questions and sharing valuable information has a charm of its own. Today, everyone seems to rely on social media and chatting tools and prefer them to actual face time. The consequence of this is that people are losing value for relations. Instead of spending time with real people like parents and siblings, the youth is relying on virtual friends more. Sadly, the virtual friends are where the main threat lies. Via WhatsApp and other similar apps, such people tend to cause more harm than good to kids.

What makes WhatsApp a nuisance? Let’s look at what is happening.

Online Predators

Do you know that people online lie about themselves? Do you know that 80% of the people we meet online are not honest about their lives? This makes it clear that the people our kids talk to online are a threat. Often they are overaged sexual predators or sex traffickers waiting for an innocent victim to fall into their trap. What would you do if your kidswere on someone’s target list? Online predators know exactly how to find their target and what to say to isolate them from their parents and guardians. Immediately they get their target on the hook, they become abusive and oppress their target.

Abusive Chats

Group chats is an incredible feature. It makes online socializing fun. However, when kids start using it, it is not incredible but a window to harassment and bullying. Soon they start saying dirty talk and everyone else joins in on picking on a particular target. They use abusive words, say hurtful things, and tend to ruin the life of their victim. Bad language can hurt children very much. This is not a Track My Fone review, so I will not go into explaining technical aspects about how monitoring this is possible with the app.


Parents often ignore the fact that WhatsApp is a huge issue when it comes to cyberbullying. People use WhatsApp to stalk, insult, or humiliate one another. Earlier, when kids left school and got home, they were safe from cyberbullying. Now, thanks to WhatsApp, bullying continues even at home. In fact, without the parents detecting it until it is too late.


Once parents install Track My Fone on the cell phones of their kids, the app allows parents to see everything that the kid does. This helps parents take timely action to protect their kids from harm online. As I said earlier, this is not a Track My Fone review, so I will not go into other features this app offers. However, I will recommend that you try the live demo on the site.

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